Receiving Venus: Someone Else’s Venus in your Natal Chart, Pt. 1

Synastric overlay of the charts of a pair of individuals can give us a great deal of information about how they will interact, and what they will value (and disdain) in each other. The House in your natal chart where another’s Venus falls will show what in you that person will value, and aspects broaden the picture even further, with good ones to Venus able to help a relationship succeed even when other indicators aren’t so positive. Remember too that wherever Venus falls, the Sun and Mercury of the other person are likely near, so the implications for Venus’ placement to some extent echo the personal relationship meaning of Sun and Mercury in this area (positive or negative Soul resonance and communication capacity). Here’s a brief rundown of what someone else’s Venus in one of your Houses might mean:

In the 1st, they may love your personality (and maybe your body!) The Venus person may identify with you, especially if they are female, and could see your persona as having value-thus this can be the placement of one who models their behavior on you, or perhaps is just jealous–or is a most ardent fan.

In the 2nd, they definitely see you as a resource, and may assume you should share love, money, or assets (the funny thing is, with this placement you often assume that you should share with the Venus person, too!) They may also see you as someone who should be at their disposal, which has the potential for violating boundaries, making you feel used. They may, though, see ‘the Beauty in you,’ beauty you might not even see in yourself, and so the relationship may act as a positive mirror, showing you vital, worthwhile parts of yourself.

With someone else’s Venus in your 3rd, they value what you communicate, and especially like what you have to say–they see the beauty in your words, thoughts, and ideas, and may see them as worth paying for. They may relate to you as if you’re a sibling, which can be great in a friendship but not so good with a mate–and if the Venus person doesn’t have smooth sibling relationships, this can signal a certain amount of jealousy.

When their Venus falls in your 4th, they may treasure you as family, see you as carrying the positive attributes of their father, and/ or identify their most personal (and hidden) traits as being reflected in you. This can be a very positive and supportive contact, or can brng into the relationship all the conflicts the Venus person feels toward the family of origin; they may also try to establish the same financial or asset arrangement experienced with the father, which may or may not be workable within the relationship.

Someone else’s Venus in your 5th brings romance to the forefront of the relationship; even in a friendship, this can imbue the interaction with spark, playfulness, and excited interest. This placement can also signal that the Venus person loves your creations or your creative nature (though they might also be jealous, too), and if you’re an artist, this person might be your customer or patron. In a worst case scenario, this person could be a gambling partner, teaching you to love the game and encouraging you to risk your finances!

The 6th House Venus interaction brings their impression of your worth into the work and everyday arenas. This can signal a colleague (or servant!) who adores you, or someone who values interaction with you daily. In less positive manifestation this can suggest someone who may expect you to serve them (valuing your service), though it can also belong to a satisfied employer. This can be an indicator for long-term support in an intimate relationship or even in a friendship, because who wouldn’t love to have a mate or friend who looked forward to seeing them every day?

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  1. What does it mean when his Venus is in my fifth and my Venus is in his 5th house? I have Venus in Capricorn and he has Venus in Virgo.

    You are kidding me, right? Read Venus in the 5th!

  2. I did. I just wanted to know if there is some kind of stronger bond or something. you don’t have to mean about it.

    Now that you know I’m “mean,” you should also know that relationship analysis is complicated; I’d be doing you no favors making guesses based on a single placement in each chart.

  3. I had serious worries about his Sun, Venus, and Mercury being in my 6th house because it’s the house of “work” but it’s nice to see it includes the everyday interactions which are important in a mate. I have to admit I don’t understand some houses very well and the 6th is one of them! So thanks for this article! And all your other articles :) I’m making my way through the archives.

    Thank you, Tora, and welcome!

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