Finding What’s Hidden: Pluto Contacts

Some of the most enticing things in a relationship are the things we don’t know; by that I mean, we’re aware that there are depths, kinks, hidden proclivities, secret appetites, or just plain secrets, and in part it’s the potential for discovery of these that fuels that initial, electric attraction. The tingle isn’t about what you do know, it’s about what you don’t know, but can sense, and that’s the influence of Pluto.

Pluto itself moves so slowly that talking about it by House is it’s most distinguishing characteristic among generations, but in personal relationship, it’s an individual’s Pluto contacts, the other energies of the chart that are asserting themselves toward the ‘heaviest’ energy we know, that describe those hidden and exciting quirks, often sexual ones, that can make or break an intimate relationship. THESE POSSIBLE ASPECT MEANINGS ARE WITHIN AN INDIVIDUAL CHART, NOT BETWEEN CHARTS.

Pluto and the Sun–if your partner has a Sun/ Pluto contact, hold on: discovering this Soul could be one exciting (even frightening) ride. There is a depth and intensity to this contact that calls for a hardy mate who can weather anything from the extremely possessive to the scarily Self-destructive; you might even witness the total transformation of your mate. Be ready for a dark side to this Sun, but also look for an amazing capacity for resilience and a true understanding of (and ability to guide you through) the worst life has to offer. This can also be a strongly magnetic contact, with an ever-present undercurrent of sexuality, power, and the possibility of change. Tastes can run the exotic gamut; anything kinky this person shares will be a serious need, and likely non-negotiable.

Pluto with the Moon–this can signal an individual who may have a very tender emotional state, one that could stem from an upsetting past, or from secrets or things they prefer remain hidden, including vulnerabilities and sexual tastes. Be gentle with this person, and don’t probe too deeply; they’ll open up when they feel safe. You must also be prepared for the possibility that this person may have developed a taste for punishment or the macabre; this can be the poster child for someone who has confused almost anything else with love. Once the emotions have been thoroughly processed and regenerated, this individual can be highly perceptive, and makes an excellent counselor, formal or informal, and they also become exceptionally understanding of the wounds and darker needs of others. Probably the toughest position of all the Pluto contacts, that once dealt with can bring tremendous benefit and growth.

Pluto with Mercury–this person may see words as weapons, and certainly will see them as being expressions of power. They can be powerful communicators themselves, and, whether they’re conscious of it or not, are always looking for the hidden meaning, or the power play, that they’re sure is somewhere between the lines. This can make for some upset as they truly don’t believe, as the saying goes, that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The good news is that once they trust you, they hold nothing back–real intimacy is possible. The bad news is that there could be a great many times when what you thought was an innocent remark will be taken by the Merc/ Pluto person as anything but. Clear communication void of even the most innocent manipulation is the only way to interact; and if you listen with care, all the quirks, peccadilloes, and preferences of this person will be told you, one way or another, so the mystery lasts only as long as you pretend you can’t read the messages your partner sends.

Pluto with Venus–volumes about the doomed love nature ‘earned’ by these individuals have been written, and most of it is short-sighted or just plain wrong (yes, I said it, wrong!) These people are not fated to suffer in love, to lose a great love, to act destructively or cruelly until they ‘learn’ some karmic lesson, or to be crushed tragically in a once-in-a-lifetime relationship–they are required to transform their concept of what love is, and the necessity of this suggests that there is something in the love nature and attitude toward relationship that is either destructive (likely unconsciously so–and this is very often some attitude or belief learned in the early environment that doesn’t foster a genuinely loving interaction dynamic according to this Soul’s standards) or that doesn’t in the largest sense serve the current Soul (Sun) focus and life direction. I have often observed this contact as an intense love affair that seems fated yet doesn’t work out, and the apparent reason for the Venus-Pluto one of the pair is 1) to change their attitude toward love and partnership; the experience often gives them an acute appreciation for genuine, healthy love, and 2) to allow them to go on to a life with another partner, who offers not only a more evolved kind of relationship but also a very different life than the individual would’ve experienced with the ‘big love’ partner. So, the question becomes, are you the ‘big, changing love’ mate, the ‘evolved and settled down with’ mate, or someone in between? Aside from all this, this can also signal someone who goes for S/M or more exotic sexual practices, who expects love to hurt, somehow, who sees relationships (or money) as digging deep and bringing out the most intense (and sometimes the worst) feelings, who anticipates all relationships as power struggles, and/ or who finds relationship (or money) frightening, and so avoids it.

Pluto with Mars— suggests an intense sex drive, in either sex, and when in a man’s chart ties the ideal of who he is as a man (Mars) to the transformative or destructive energy of Pluto, and so implies that he may put a huge stake in his own potency, and/ or in the idea of sex as a vehicle for change, re-birth, in some sense, or transformative to relationship. In either sex this can say they like it ‘rough’ (though of course that term itself has a whole spectrum of meanings and lengths). With men or women this can also suggest they see sex as fundamentally affecting the ego or sense of Self–and depending on the state of Mars overall, as well as the Sun, this can go anywhere from a feeling that sex is regenerative to the idea that sex will destroy the identity–so can bring forward commensurate upset, anger, denial, and avoidance. Is this an aspect of rape? Perhaps, though we can never reduce such a complex mixture of choices, influences, and decisions to act to a single (or even several) aspects in the natal chart. This contact only gives an energy that could, under particular circumstances, manifest in this way, and we shouldn’t forget that ‘energy rape,’ an aggressive attitude, can cause as much (though different) damage as physical violation–and as well we must note the extreme strength and resilience this aspect gives, which can also  be mustered in service of the positive–an aspect that can almost literally allow the individual to ‘move mountains.’

Aspects outside the personal planets carry less potential to manifest on a unique individual level within the personality, but we can mention a few possibilities in terms of the sex life:

Pluto with Jupiter–sex in public! or a sex life that mirrors social fashion, such as the ‘free love’ of the 60s, or the ‘Just say ‘No” abstinence of the 80s; or a ‘notches on the bedpost’ mentality, or ‘more is better’ with quantity over quality

Pluto with Saturn–a taste for older partners (or a ‘Daddy’ figure), celibacy, or sex on a schedule or by certain rules (“Missionary only, please!”)

Pluto with Uranus–sex must be unique, revolutionary, avant garde, or can become totally academic (a new position from the ‘Kama Sutra’ every night)

Pluto with Neptune– sexual fantasy or role playing, or sex dressed-up, or drugged-up

And with the asteroids:

Pluto with Vesta–can make any Plutonian proclivities sacred–so if you don’t share these tastes, it can be tough

Pluto with Ceres–sex out in nature can be a big turn-on, as can sex under dangerous weather conditions (during a lightning storm, at sea during a squall, while hiding in the tornado shelter) Authority play might come into it, with one person playing a dominator/ dominatrix role or playing ‘Mother’–or, sex may be only for procreation

Pluto with Juno–power struggles may spark sex, and there may be a taste for repeated infidelities, ‘punishment,’ and make-up sex

Pluto with Pallas–again with power as a turn-on, though this may be where skills or business dealings are aphrodisiacs, or this individual could look for a mentor/ counselor or teacher/ student  relationship to turn lusty

Pluto with Chiron–Oww! This combo may be highly transformative and healing, or highly destructive, and likely some of each, perhaps with the circumstances for healing arising from the ashes–how this plays out in the sex life is anybody’s guess! and highly dependent on the Chirotic relationship with the partner

11 thoughts on “Finding What’s Hidden: Pluto Contacts

  1. Lainie June 11, 2009 / 6:06 pm

    Hi Julie! Hope your summer is good so far. . .do you have any thoughts about Pluto conjunct north or south node?

  2. juliedemboski June 12, 2009 / 7:53 am

    Hi Lainie,

    My summer’s been great–I hope yours has, too.

    Good question. As far as relationships are concerned, a mate’s Pluto contacting the Nodes would bring forward a couple of things–first, anything touching the Nodes has the influence of the mother or maternal/ nurturing figure, so we should be aware of this, either as an energy similar to hers or as a reaction to her. Of course, sometimes contact by major aspect is to both Nodes, and that suggests a strong Plutonian dynamic at work in both the individual’s past and in the direction they’re headed–so says that one should expect to encounter the Plutonian elements within the mate throughout the journey. If Pluto only aspects by major contact the NN, then we may see the Plutonian emerge at some point in unexpected and unprecedented ways in the life, while if major contact is only to the SN, then we may have to deal with Plutonian effects that have left their mark on the individual.

  3. TaurusGirl June 12, 2009 / 9:41 am

    What are the other aspects for rape, if there is any? Thanks.

  4. juliedemboski June 12, 2009 / 9:54 am

    Hi T-Girl,

    I don’t know that I’d call any aspect specifically a rape aspect–what we look for instead are combinations of aggression/ destruction (Mars, Pluto, maybe Jupiter as Roman version of Zeus, perhaps asteroids Hades, Zeus, and maybe even Ceres for a female aggressor, as she is nature that may not keep her own boundaries in attempts to control others) with relationship/ sex indicators (Venus, Vesta, perhaps Juno for her vulnerability to the power and status of others) along with a marked lack of Self-discipline or social skills (difficult aspects to or combinations of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury–and throw Pluto into this group, too, along with Uranus). This is a very rough idea; I’m sure I’m leaving some possibilities out, and of course, these combinations will signal many other things as well, so, as I said, we can’t really call them rape aspects. Just stay alert to the possibilities in more assertive placements, look at how the individual sees relationships, particularly with the opposite sex, and look also at their Self-control ability (or lack). Good Luck, Taurus!

  5. hitchhiker72 June 13, 2009 / 1:13 pm

    Thanks for this, Julie. What do you think about people who have more than one personal planet in contact with Pluto? More than one issue to work on, or aspects of one big one?!

  6. juliedemboski June 14, 2009 / 9:35 am

    Hi Hitch,

    It’s a whole-chart thing, of course–we just can’t know without a view of the entire horoscope. In my experience if Pluto has more than one contact then typically only one of the energies it touches is the focus of real issues–it’s as if with the other contacts it acts more benevolently, as a transformer (though sometimes a traumatic one), helping an energy metamorphoze (I hope that’s a word!) And I don’t see any reason why it can’t be ‘either/or’ by bringing forward one big issue with many facets, or more than one issue–again, it’s so individual I can’t even guess–but you asked a very good question

  7. Racheee June 19, 2009 / 11:42 am

    Hi Julie – do you have any insight into connections between Pluto and Eros in the birth chart? My 5th house Pluto is opposite my 11th house Eros; I sort of have an idea of how this plays out for me but was wondering what you think too. Thanks!

  8. juliedemboski June 19, 2009 / 1:05 pm

    Hi Racheee,

    Pluto brings the same propensity for destruction, depth, intensity, and transformation to contact in the individual chart with Eros that it brings to any contact; though, Eros as outlined in THE NATURE OF EROS touching Pluto would unite the Eros energy to objectify and eroticize someone or something with the need to change that person or thing–and in an opposition, one might see it as ‘either/ or’–that passion can’t blend with secrets, the darkness of the individual, or with major change in the life, so that the presence of one automatically excludes the possibility of the other, at least until the individual can unite the two in an attitude or experience that allows the two to act in concert.
    Would love to hear how this has actually played out for you, if you’d care to share.


  9. chirotic September 28, 2009 / 3:15 am

    I really enjoyed this article Julie, and can vouch for much of what you say, not just theoretically. I have several Mercury-Pluto contacts: partile semisquare, parallel and in mutual reception, it has been my biggest challenge to work that out over the last year or so.

    I also have Pluto conjunct Ceres. This is mythologically intriguing, Hades and Demeter after all were never meant to join forces, and I have quite a story to tell on this exact subject, which I may relate to you one of these days.

    What I really wanted to respond to however, was Venus-Pluto. I think that the ravaging process of Venus -Pluto is so traumatic that the ‘transforming’ relationship rarely survives the maelstrom. The result is the necessary transformation at the cost of the love that catalysed it. I can vouch for this from very personal experience (it is truly private though so I won’t go into too much detail here). Suffice to say that such a transformation is possible but it is not entirely a foregone conclusion that the love be sacrificed (Neptune must be key to this too) although the required level of commitment, emotional honesty and willingness to confront the ugly darkness in one’s soul are all shockingly high.

    It can be done however. A transformed V-P love affair is quite profound, as you intimate. It’s also very scary to stay the course.

    Keep up the (great) work.

    • juliedemboski September 28, 2009 / 9:07 am

      Thank you, Jeremy–I really appreciate your kind assessment of my work. I, too, have Pluto/ Merc and Pluto/Venus natally, and can relate to what you say–and you make an excellent point about Neptune’s involvement–considering that it’s likely sextile Pluto for just about everybody born in the 20th century, this is an important energy in considering Pluto, as it’s, one way or another, inextricably linked for all of us to the Plutonian experience. But Pluto/ Ceres? Wow, that has to be tough (and incredibly interesting!) in everyday life–elementally creative and destructive, simultaneously, I’d imagine–and would love to hear your experience with it, if you’re ever so inclined.

      Thanks again!

  10. Katy January 19, 2012 / 11:48 am

    I really like your take on the pluto contacts. As for me i have a very heavy and harsh plutonian energy i have to deal with. Sometimes i feel like i have must have done something so horrible to deserve this karmic kick in the butt. Pluto makes aspects to all my personal planets on conjuncts my Sounthnode and opposed my NN. Can you help shed light as to why someone has to deal with so much pluto energy(that seems to be a curse) or as to how i can handle this energy without it destroy me with my very self destructive ways…Thank you Julie.

    Thank you, Katy. I think your own question holds the answer: “How can I handle this energy without it destroy(ing) me with my very self destructive ways(?)” Ways of behaving are choices, not compulsions, and Self-destructive choices are yours to make or not–Pluto has nothing to do with it. Pluto contacting the personal planets does not necessarily mean negative things–in fact, it generally may signify that you have the chance to easily re-make those energies in their most positive form, as Pluto will assist in their transformation. The natal horoscope is not an excuse for what seems wrong, but a key that shows you how you can change what you don’t like, and with Pluto in contact to the personals, the problem isn’t Pluto, but the fact that you are choosing to ‘apply’ destructive Plutonian energy to those bodies that govern all identity and interaction, and calling it “karma”. Pluto asks you to make an effort to re-generate what it touches; I’m not saying your life is your ‘fault’, I’m saying how you meet things in life is purely a choice, and if you are willing to be Self-responsible, Pluto will help you turn it all around.

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