‘What You’re Asking’: Big Moments and Relationships

We start with a Big Moment:

How do you tell an Aquarius man you’re pregnant?

The best approach with this man is always, always, cool, collected, fact-based, and intellectual. Staying calm and ultra-rational will make him both comfortable and empathetic, and will keep the lines of communication not just open, but primed to deal willingly and realistically with coming change and to take into account the unique facets of the situation. Look to his Moon, though, when trying to sort out his emotional reaction, as Aquarius will likely hide it (and hide it well). In general, a Water Moon will let his feelings unexpectedly show; a Fire Moon will immediately begin laying out a course of action; an Air Moon will want to talk, perhaps to the point of absurdity, in order to sort out his feelings; and an Earth Moon will immediately address either his comfort, your comfort, or the comfort of all three of you, depending on his orientation to the matter. Good Luck, and Congratulations!

How does a man act before he proposes?

Cagey and anxious, and often oddly euphoric. Men with an emotion-laden secret–and it is a secret that he’s hoping to surprise you with, as every man wishes to have a significant impact as much as possible, especially in romance–often cannot keep their agitation from showing–and a woman may not immediately recognize that this is a good upset, so may worry needlessly. Of course, there are guys who can put on a good poker face, but even these men will give themselves away with a bit of playfulness in their manner or a glint in their eye.

How can you tell when a Scorpio man is testing you?

Two ways: either he dares you, in one way or another, or he comes at you in a way that implies he wants to destroy you–in either case he’s hoping to draw out your depths and reveal your level of strength (and perhaps your level of resolve concerning the relationship). He doesn’t actually intend to endanger or destroy you, but the intensity of the Scorpion sure can feel like that, and it takes a certain comfort with Plutonian realities to be a companion to this man, so know that, if playing the game Scorpio’s way doesn’t come naturally, then there’s no shame in bowing out for a more suitable companion.

How do you know if a Pisces guy is just being friendly or if he’s interested?

A Pisces who’s being friendly will try to share his world, but a Pisces who’s interested will try to plunge you into his Neptunian reality. The difference is in the invitation: being friendly involves a casual offer, while being interested involves attempting to sweep you along in a wave of his favorite pursuits–don’t worry, if you apply this definition (and don’t let your own Neptune spin interaction with him into something it’s not), you’ll know exactly what he intends.

Do Scorpio men withdraw when feeling under-appreciated?

Yes, and if they don’t go banish themselves to their favorite sulking cave then they are stalking about with little storm clouds wreathing their brows, all doom and gloom and ‘I’m too deep for you to understand, and think what you must be missing!’ Subtle, they’re not, when it comes to their own egos.

What do you talk about with a Venus in Gemini?

Relationships, first and foremost, standards of beauty and aesthetics, love, and money–earning and investment in particular are good topics. Venus in Gemini likes to feel that they know what they’re talking about (that their words have worth) so compliments along this line are very appropriate, along with keeping the conversation flowing and significant, but still light and informative–and the prettier the exchange, the better (and meeting in a pleasant spot will go a long way toward relaxing your Venus in Gemini).

Does a man gaze a lot when he’s in love?

I would give this an unequivocal ‘Yes,’ with one significant exception: when the guy is overwhelmed by or threatened by the emotions he’s feeling–then you know he’s in love (or at least deeply disturbed by your presence!) by his lack of eye contact.

And finally, we have just a searched-for phrase:

tongue-tied Taurus

And my first thought was, is there any other kind? They’re not known for their eloquence, so don’t go into a relationship with one expecting him or her to eventually ‘open up’–what you see is what you get, the barn door doesn’t swing any wider than that. That said, you should note that Taurus takes care with words, and rarely if ever says anything he or she doesn’t mean–so the sincerity level in communication is very high, something most people would find excellent compensation for a little quiet time.

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  1. nray July 10, 2009 / 11:21 pm

    What a delightful post! And useful, too. Adored it, JD!

    Thank you, N!

  2. lucywatchthesky July 31, 2009 / 6:23 am

    I totally left this comment already and for some reason it didn’t go through.

    I read an article once about Venus in Virgo having to do with the ancient sacred prostitutes, and relating that to case studies of sex workers who had strong Venus in Virgo placements. The article was ultimately ridiculous, though, because the author was talking about how sexually forward they all were and what a prude you were if you didn’t fetishize prostitution. (My Venus in Aquarius is VERY cynical about that sort of thing.)

    Hi Lucy–your original comment appeared on the correct post–for some reason this one landed here, on an older entry

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