Vesta and Your Love Life

Roman Vestal Virgins by José Rico Cejudo c1890 {{PD}}

The asteroid Vesta holds a variety of possible meanings within the chart: it can signal something we hold sacred, can indicate the home front, and can be a marker for attitudes toward sexual activity. So how do we tell the difference? Context will go a long way toward pointing us in the right direction, as the life situation will help define meaning–aspects, too, will add to our understanding. How our Vesta interacts with a potential mate’s chart will tell us what about the other person we revere, and, in the right situation, what we may find sexually appealing in the sense of this being a sacred interaction; it’s sex that represents spiritual communion. Though, don’t make the mistake in cross-chart analysis of thinking that Vesta is always about sex; depending on what it contacts in each chart, it can sometimes indicate a point of mutual devotion. For instance, If you have a child with another person, and you both find the creation and existence of that child to be a gift of spiritual significance, both of you may have the rulers of the 5th involved with Vesta, either within your own chart or cross-chart, or in some way peripherally in contact, such as by being placed in the 5th. This contact suggests that 5th House matters, such as progeny, will be consider sacred by you and your parenting partner in some form.

The best way to look at Vesta is to look at it in its broadest meaning: this indicates something we will dedicate our lives to, that we view as a foremost value in the life, that we define as sacred–and that means that whatever energy and subjects it contacts in the natal chart will be for us the most important and honored concepts we deal with. When we look at it that way we can see that both sex and the home are expressions of that sacred feeling. It can be an excellent contact between charts for showing shared values and ‘bottom lines.’ What any individual chart shows as energies contacting Vesta are the things he or she will generally not budge on when confronted. For example, someone with Vesta conjunct Mercury will likely take communications very seriously, and that includes their own; it may be difficult to disagree openly with this person, as they may see what they say as ‘the last word,’ not to be challenged. The positive side of this may be a high degree of honesty and integrity, and an individual who keeps their word.

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4 thoughts on “Vesta and Your Love Life

  1. Bernard November 6, 2009 / 4:02 pm


    What kind of orb are we talking about with the asteroids?

    • juliedemboski November 6, 2009 / 4:26 pm

      Hi Bernard,

      For asteroids I usually keep the orbs in the 3-4 degree range, maybe larger or smaller depending on the aspect (a full 10 degrees if conjunct the Sun in the natal chart, perhaps–though I’m more comfortable with 8 max–or only 1.5 in quincunx, for instance). I really think it’s a matter of judgment, but better to err on the cautious side and keep them relatively tight.

      Thanks for coming by, Bernard!


  2. lucywatchthesky November 6, 2009 / 8:54 pm

    Hey JD, I’m having trouble with my Vesta. Asking you this feels like I’m sheepishly hinting that I don’t feel so fresh, but you are the asteroid expert, so here goes. I discovered that my natal Vesta is also EXACTLY conjunct my EXACT Moon-Ascendant conjunction in Gemini. That would seem to pack a serious punch, no? The problem is, I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly what that could mean. Applying your broad meaning, I think it might attest to the fact that I am seriously sensitive about being seriously sensitive, and that emotional communication and being forthcoming and honest about emotions is sacred to me. (And I do value that in partners and I try to project that as frankly as I can, but I’ve rarely if ever gotten it back, ironically.) I wonder if it also adds some padding to my Venus in Aquarius, which is also angular- although Vesta seems much more openly and willingly sexual than Venus in Aquarius, if not actually more vulnerable. A problem that I frequently have with my anxious Gemini Moon-Ascendant conjunction is that I feel like I subconsciously and unintentionally attract a lot of unwanted attention from people who feed off it in a not-so-mutual-or-helpful way. Is Vesta involved in that, or could she actually be a guard against that? I’m so confused. The other asteroids seem to gel with me, but Vesta… not so much.

    Lucy “I jumbled up my comment to Julie Demboski with my letter to Our Bodies, Ourselves”

    • juliedemboski November 6, 2009 / 10:50 pm

      Hi Lucy,

      Though I don’t do personal analysis in the comments section 🙂 I can make a few remarks, based on what you say–but without the whole chart in front of me I stamp this with a big ol’ ‘Caution’–

      The Gemini Moon ASC Vesta love fest suggests, more than anything else, that you combine Moon and Vesta as the face you present (and this relates, I think, to the final comments you make about what you attract, as I believe the response is to this–and this is a very communicative, outgoing, ‘look at me ’cause I’m sensitive!’ combo that also hints at warmth and even sacred sexual experience, if others will only offer you face time) I think you’re correct about the seriously sensitive part, though I don’t see the ‘serious’ in this particular config–instead it may be ‘deep and sacred emotions, intuitions, and perceptions presented in a light way’–because Gemini energies would not be caught dead coming across as the downer at the party. Clearly you do value that honesty and openness of emotions, but (i’m guessing) with Libra on the 5th and Sag on the 7th, you may seek out the romantic (who is glad to put a gauze over the relationship lens)initially, and then pair up with the type who comes across as a professional bachelor (Sag’s traditional rep)–even if he’s not that free-wheelin’ he certainly has his eyes fixed on the horizon–something that likely attracts you quite a bit, because you can really express in an effort to get his attention–until that becomes tiring, or boring, and you may swing back to looking for the one who’s looking for a partner–until that becomes dull or smothering (Libra offers a lot of attention; too much, I’m guessing, for you, as I think you’d probably rather be in control of when you get that–because when it’s coming at you when you don’t want it, it probably does feel like others trying to feed on you–when they’re likely just responding to that very out front ASC grouping.

      Just a guess!

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