‘What You’re Asking’: Chasing Fantasies, All About Aries, and Hi-Jinks with Body Parts

Here’s another dose of wisdom gleaned from your searches:

cupid’s after my ass with his bows and arrows

Lucky you–or maybe not, if you’re trying to avoid romantic entanglements–your phrasing suggests you’re getting some romantic attention you don’t really want. We look to transits when something pops out of the blue like this, and we can ask, What transits make you irresistible?

The most frequent transit under which we put forward our most beautiful Self is the transiting Moon to natal Venus. This says the general atmosphere matches our relating vibe to a ‘T’ and spotlights (in flattering, gentle, filtered light) the essential Beauty in us; but that only happens for a few hours once a month. Solar Arc movement of the Sun to Venus or the Moon, of Venus to the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant ruler, or of Venus to Neptune or vice versa, gives a two-year ‘Beauty window,’ when a range of our best features shine forth, and by transit these make us attractive as well. With the Venus/ Neptune combination, whether by transit, Secondary Progression, or Solar Arc, we can meet our ideal love–or be completely deluded that we are in love (or that someone is in love with us) when we’re not. Chasing a fantasy can be the result of these contacts, as can Neptune/ Sun, and Venus/ Pluto meetings can bring a transformative love or a destructive one, while both planet combos can bring a stalker (or make one out of you). Any transit that makes us attractive to others can also set us to looking for love, though this is a far cry from . . .

synastry of erotic relationships

. . . which is an interesting phrase, simply because of the meaning of ‘erotic’–the search term asks what aspects might show the objectification of a sexual partner, as ‘eroticism’ is the sexualization of a person or thing in one’s own mind. Eroticism is the imposition of a mental stance on any object or person we see in a sexual light–is that really what this seeker meant? It’s unlikely that it was, as most of us see ‘erotic’ as meaning inherently sexually exciting. We tend to want to believe there’s some kind of pull coming from the person or object itself, like radiation from a hot rock.

Eros interest is akin to a fantasy, with the person feeling the sexual interest also supplying it; contacts between two charts will tell us something about the sexual potentials of a relationship (see the Eros section in The Astrology of Intimate Relationship http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com )–basically, the Eros of one chart meeting one of the identity indicators of the other (for a man, Sun, Mars, Ascendant ruler, sometimes Saturn/ for a woman Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant ruler) suggests something essential about one person attracts the potential sexual interest of the other–but we need a lot more than that to make a relationship; otherwise it just remains, in one sense or another, an encounter in a dark alley.

Should an Aries 10th House be his own boss?

Good question. This is certainly the placement of someone who has a go-getter public face, who may aggressively pursue career or reputation–but that doesn’t mean he should be in charge. Appropriate for a competitive field–yes, especially since he can come across as sensitive and caring (probable Cancer Ascendant)–but his own boss? Just because he talks an independent game doesn’t mean he couldn’t use a little guidance and reining in, just exactly why each of us isn’t her or his own boss. Especially when you consider he might have far-reaching Sagittarius on the 6th of daily work, this guy at the very least probably needs someone to check in with once in a while.

When will Aries have good luck?

This made me a little sad–are things really that bad for our fearless Aries friends? Aries makes his or her best luck when she or he is not just assertive and busy wanting (for they have an endless appetite), but when they are willingly responsible for all they do, and for the goals they pursue. Conversely, Aries’ luck seems its worst when the refrain is ‘I didn’t do it’ or ‘It’s not my fault,’ and when they believe that just because they want it they should have it–building a firm connection in their own minds between effort and reward is essential for them to be as ‘lucky’ as possible.

What will Uranus do?

Instead of making a very juvenile joke, I’ll simply point to two other questionable (and unanswerable) searches I found, vajina and nude woodcut. Since Uranus will likely remain, undisturbed, in its orbit, and questionable spelling and strange tastes are not exactly criminal, there’s not much I can add–though I do wonder what one does with a nude woodcut once one finds it!

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