Chiron Into Pisces

Nymphs and Satyr WA Bouguereau 1873

Yes, I know satyrs have goat bodies and centaurs like Chiron have horse bodies, but they’re all hooved beasts, right? I liked this pic, especially as the satyr resists the nymphs–Chiron was reclusive, and I imagine would’ve been just as reticent!

Chiron is freshly re-entered in Pisces, as of 11:56 AM PST on the 8th. What can we expect? The transiting entity is really the Archetype in its purest form; that means it brings the Chiron focus on both skills and wounds to whatever it touches, and the flavor of this is that of Chiron’s personality: a noble being, intellectually focused, a loner who has developed knowledge and skills, with a significant ability to facilitate healing–and in Pisces this suggests that healing may be received and hurt examined through dreams, creativity, experiences with the Collective, the Arts, large entities like corporations or nations, escapist activities, drugs, drink, and all perception-altering substances, and you could meet the Chirotic energy through the lies, deceptions, illusions, dreams, or creativity and imaginings of others. Emotions may carry the healing/wounding essence, and we might want to be alert every time we hear or see Water imagery used–when someone says they or someone else is ‘swamped,’ ‘flooded with x,’ ‘overwhelmed,’ ‘lost,’ ‘disoriented,’ ‘in a fog,’ or ‘drowning,’ to name just a few possibilities, we must recognize that the Chirotic spirit has a presence in the proceedings.

Until it actually aspects the natal scenario, Chiron’s influence will remain something we receive hints of through the general atmosphere; everyone will feel or observe some facet of it as it interacts with other transiting bodies. When it hits a natal placement, especially by conjunction or hard angle, Chiron will come front and center in the consciousness, likely seen through matters of the House it’s transiting, the House ruled by the body contacted, and/ or the House Chiron occupies natally.

This transit of Chiron through Pisces lasts until April 2018, when it will enter Aries, but relatively soon after backtracks; as usual, the energy leaves the sign we’ve become used to, introduces the new vibe, re-orients our thinking, then plunges us back into the familiar and the unfinished–and by that time we have a new perspective on an energy we thought we’d mastered.

The biggest difficulty we might face during this transit is that we may lose sight of the energy, or be completely consumed with it. We can make the mistake of accepting the world’s wounds as our own; a kind of martyrdom that puts the Collective ahead of the personal is a distinct possibility, but unless you are expressing your own Chiron placement at a transpersonal level, this will not be a positive or productive response. It’s tempting to throw ourselves into relief work, charities, creative expression, dream or spiritual work, music, dance, or some other type of performance, or into the anonymity and shelter of addictions. corporate or international work, or spiritual communion, but again, we must be sure that immersion is both appropriate for our nature and an accurate expression of our own most characteristic Self; otherwise we can become a victim of the Collective Chiron experience, so easily accessed during the transit through Pisces.

3 thoughts on “Chiron Into Pisces

  1. donnadavidson February 9, 2011 / 8:01 am

    I will be giving this some thought.
    It sure explains another layer of my current experience and once again confirms that astrology tells us all we need to know about the human experience.

    Hi Donna,
    Glad it spoke to you

  2. nicoleh73 February 17, 2011 / 7:33 pm

    As a Pisces I really enjoyed reading this. I’ve been feeling the energy big time… šŸ˜¦

    Thanks, Nicole–and sorry it’s not treating you better

  3. Nicole September 3, 2011 / 12:23 pm

    I re-read this entry and with the Sun-Venus-Mercury all in Pisces in the fifth (My Chiron is in the 6th) I’m hoping to begin the healing process by using creativity and focusing on my health more. I have no idea what to expect when Chiron transits my fifth. I think about my children, and I begin to worry. I’m just hoping I can make peace with certain things!

    Hi Nicole! You can facilitate healing for your children (and your creativity, and perhaps your ideas of romance!) when Chiron transits the 5th. Sounds like you are already on your way, with the use of creativity and a focus on health a perfect fit. Good luck!

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