Fears Addressed

This is not about relationships, though I think it’s a common enough problem that it should be addressed:

Hi Julie, I have wanted to ask you something regarding negative thoughts and impending doom. I have heard that negative thoughts bring forth negative circumstances into one’s life. Impending doom – I have been told is a past life’s experience coming back to haunt you. For instance, I keep getting this feeling that one day I will be stabbed or beaten-is this an overactive imagination, or from watching the news too much? I try not to think about it and it comes up off and on. Could I have experienced this in a past life? Thanks.

Hi Terri,
I don’t believe that negative thoughts bring forth negative circumstances in this life or from any other. But, thinking negatively will naturally lead to poor choices, as they won’t reflect reality–and that could certainly make it seem like we’re attracting negative circumstances, when we’re really creating them with an unrealistic attitude.

The fear of being stabbed or beaten could have roots in a past life, overactive imagination, news viewing, but most likely is a combination of two or three of those. This isn’t something I can help you sort out without being face-to-face, for a real conversation. I can suggest that, since this pops up and then goes away, it’s likely a more generalized fear that’s looking for some concrete form to latch onto–and you may have decided for some reason that this is the most likely possible horror you could suffer–so that’s where the mind goes when stressed or upset. You will not ‘draw’ this to you by thinking about it–unless you choose life circumstances and react to situations based on this ‘belief’–then you could indeed set things up so that this occurs. For example, you may have this fear but consistently fail to lock the back door–and someone looking for trouble ends up trying it–you aren’t drawing the problem to you so much as leaving an opening for a problem to occur–and this may be about wanting to be right! It could be Self-fulfilling prophecy–we move toward that when we are sure the experience will finally release the tension, and ‘free’ us by bringing to us what we insist is our fate. You may also have the (false) belief that worrying about something will ward it off–it will not–and to that extent, what we pay attention to WILL be what we experience–but in this instance that could just be a perpetual round of worry!
It’s unlikely this will be the root of anything negative in the physical realm–and we all know that worrying ahead of an experience will not change the experience itself!
I hope you can let go of this–