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Julie Demboski says, “As a practicing astrologer who’s been around for over half a century (!) I thought it might be time for me to offer a quick, free service for questions of the heart.”

Not currently taking questions, in large part because, for the past several years, people have failed to read and understand what follows before submitting. I’ve consistently received cherry-picked aspects or placements rather than the requested complete birth data, and I’ve made it clear many times in answering others that I don’t comment on isolated data points, simply because I don’t know the question submitter’s skill level–do they use orbs I consider too big? How do they know they’ve included all the bits that matter to that interpretation? Often when I see the entire chart, I see that individuals are blaming an aspect they’ve fixated on, rather than the real source of the trouble. Too, there seems to be an issue with individuals asking about bodies I don’t normally include–which means I haven’t studied them enough to be comfortable interpreting them under all circumstances, and there’s also an issue with individuals wanting information about synastry–and without the other person’s permission, it’s a no-go. These are all just common sense matters, and these questions aren’t supposed to stand in place of a consultation–they are meant to instruct and inform interested amateurs. So, until further notice, I won’t be accepting any questions.

If you’d like to submit a question on relationships: enter your question in the comments section for this post (questions will not be visible before they are chosen and answered). I’ll review submissions and choose which I’ll answer. If you’re asking a specifically astrology related question, please include relevant birth data (write out the month of birth, and use place names and local time, not co-ordinates–do not send charts or attachments of any kind), though I may use a horary, or no aids other than life experience, depending on the situation. You may sign with a pseudonym, and no identifying details will be shared with readers. There’s no guarantee your question will be chosen. Allow me time to choose and prepare material, and please do not contact me to see if I’ve gotten your question or to ask why I’m not using your question, or to ask for further advice, information, or recommendations; I am not able to answer individual emails. Those topics least likely to receive attention are questions of the ‘here’s our birth data, are we meant to be together/ what’s the meaning of this relationship?’ variety (long stories or many details do not change the basic nature of this), or questions about when, how, or where you will find love, simply because the only one who can learn anything from that is the questioner! and this is about offering advice many can use. Questions that fall into either of the two previously described categories, or that are highly specific to you and your interaction, are unlikely to be considered. The point here is to provide some light instruction on horoscope contacts cross-chart, not to address material that is more appropriate for a consultation. Please obtain permission before submitting any birth data other than your own. Expect me to be to the point and open with you about what I think–anything less would be no fun at all. Selected questions and answers will be featured in posts or, if very simple, below in comments.

Paid consultations are periodically available–please see the SERVICES page or, if you’re an astrologer or student yourself, see my books (available in convenient Pdf form) at Dog & Sunflower Press

Thank You!

2 thoughts on “Submit Your Question

  1. Jillian August 30, 2011 / 9:26 am


    What does it mean when in a synastry chart, my partner and my composite venus is in the 7th house (asc. in Libra making it the ruling planet of our chart), yet completely unaspected by other planets? I’ve read contradictory info on this – some say it means it becomes a dominant energy of the chart (I certainly hope so) some say it renders it insignificant. Thoughts appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Hi Jillian,
    First, a synastry chart is different than a composite–synastry is a comparison of the individual charts to each other–this is a method I use–while composite meshes the two charts and makes a third–which I don’t use, as we can read a relationship accurately only when we look at how each person reacts to the other, and we see this specifically in the way the two charts aspect each other. There is no single blob that becomes ‘the relationship’ (though it certainly may feel like there is!) so in my view composites have little to tell us (though other astrologers use them and find them a successful measure of an interaction). You need to speak with someone who uses composites–sorry I couldn’t be more help! And good luck–

  2. Dominique April 27, 2012 / 3:48 pm

    My question is regaurding progessions. How do they relate to the natal chart. Lately I’ve been looking up my progressed chart and I see that I’m relating more to it than my natal chart and I actually like the the basic make up of that chart because it has more earth and water elements than my natal chart which is predominately fire and air. Which isn’t bad, but I’ve always lacked stabilty and this chart seems to offer that. How are progressed charts used or understood. I don’t want to be interpreting my chart in the wrong way misleading myself. Can you give me a analysis of my progressed chart so I will know if I’m interepreting it correctly. Thanks. Also if this is possible can you explain this aspects for me: VENUS SQUARE SATURN: This guy that I’ve been dating has in his progressed chart saturn in Libra in his 8th house. I’ve read that saturn in libra is about equality in partnerships and the 8th house is about other peoples resources, intimacy, and transformations. His venus is in carpricorn in his 12th house, and I’ve read that venus in capricorn values commitment and stability in love and wants to create a traditional partnership and the 12th house is about secrets and confinement. My interpretation is that he is afraid of commitment and intimacy but does want a commited relationship. He values love as something sacred and spiritual and he loves deeply and lastingly. But because of the square between these two planets it would make it hard for him to truly release his ego and merge with another person out of fear of being hurt. I’m trying to learn astrology I have been reading and studying for about 5 years, but I’m just not sure if my understanding is correct, and I have only been learning about progressions for the past month or so. I understand your busy so thank you for taking the time out to read my question.

    (Birth details removed to preserve privacy)

    Hello Dominique,
    First of all, I’m not sure that writing anything will be a good way to communicate with you, as you submitted questions when the page states in BIG RED LETTERS that I’m not taking questions at this time. But here goes:
    1) Progressions come in many types, the theory being that one takes the natal chart and moves all points on it according to a formula (such as day for year, or Sun’s movement for one day equaling one year, and so on). This is supposed to show growth and evolution, in a sense, and can be used for timing–but it does not give you a different chart, your chart is still your natal chart–in fact, a Progression is meaningless without being compared to the natal.
    2) No, I will not analyze your Progressed chart–that is a service for which you contract, not something done in comments.
    3) There is an article explaining Venus square Saturn as a natal aspect quite thoroughly–please avail yourself of this, if you are interested–and note this is not related to the scenario you describe with your boyfriend (see #4, below).
    4) Then you’re talking about Progressed charts as valid standing alone (which I’ve already said they are not), and are extrapolating in a way that suggests you’ve already formed theories–and when theories are based on suppositions that don’t work (such as that a Progression of some planet changes the way the person relates to others / sees things) there’s no point in me saying much, as what you are alleging just doesn’t follow.
    If you really want to learn astrology, get yourself some good basic books–may I suggest this and these Wishing you much good luck–

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