Creator and Muse

When interpreting the chart interaction of two people who are not involved in a mate/ significant other relationship, we must modify our interpretation appropriately to reflect the actual roles of the individuals. One’s Moon conjunct a paramour’s Midheaven will not result in the same dynamic we might expect when that same Moon conjunct’s the Midheaven of one’s mother, and the different lens necessary to understand an interaction in context must always be kept at the interpretation forefront. Let’s look at the relationship between a man and a woman, when the man is gay and a world-class film director, and the woman is a well-known actress with whom this director has collaborated many times. One note: I used a chart comparison that placed the director’s chart in the center, thus drawing its angles from him. I did this for only one reason: no time is published for the woman, so we are unable to establish angles for her. Using his angles informs our study further when we consider that, as the creative force in the pairing, he draws much inspiration from this woman as she is seen through his eyes, and using his angles allows us to look at her in this way.

Some of the aspects point to a strong sympathetic connection that would be valid within any relationship: the Moons are conjunct in Cancer, and the two make a point in interviews of stressing the comforting and nurturing quality of the relationship. His Saturn/ Sun conjunction is conjunct her exact Pluto/ Vesta conjunction, and these pairings fall in his creative/ romantic 5th; this suggests that, though his sexual orientation prevents a union at that level, he clearly sees her depths, her sexuality, and responds to these as sacred–in fact, he may identify with her in precisely this form, seeing his own identity in her. This perception on his part is echoed by his Sun/ Saturn opposed her Venus; she may represent his ideal woman as he would shape that creation if made from himself (the form of Saturn, the Soul-identity of the Sun). His North Node/ Ceres conjunction, which on its own says this man sees his destiny as inseparable from the influence of a strong goddess who literally has the power of the seasons (and life and death of nature) within her power; thus he probably feels to some extent that women control the world! His works certainly suggest that this may indeed be his viewpoint, with many of them centered on lovingly supportive and intertwined groups of women as they struggle with the vagaries of life. This NN/ Ceres conjunction is conjunct his Muse’s Ceres/ Jupiter/ Juno–clearly he may feel that in her he’s found a goddess/ life force both empowered and larger than life. His Chiron is conjunct her North Node and these are located in his 7th, implying he sees his own wounds/ skills played out in the direction her life is taking, and that there is a feeling of partnership in this–‘We’re in this together.’

A few more features: his Juno, a goddess representing Self-empowerment, sits in his 6th at the Descendant–not only does he see the image of the empowered woman as an appropriate subject for his work, he is looking for this image in everyone else. Her Neptune falls in his 7th–she may receive his projections easily–it feels right. Jupiter rules his partner 7th, and their Jupiters are exactly semi-sextile, again reinforcing the feeling of being together as a natural part of their relationship.

But let’s look at these two charts for a moment as if the two individuals involved were considering a possible mating scenario. Without angles for both, we can skip considering the 5th and 7th; the disparity between these often explains why a person is romantically drawn to one ‘type’ (shown by the 5th) while one often ends up marrying someone represented by the characteristics of the 7th, much to onlookers confusion! So, as an exercise we can ask, If we didn’t already know this man is gay, what would we see?

First we might look at her Venus, to see her vision of her ideal Self, and at her Mars in order to scope out her ideal counterpart/ mate. Her Venus is in Pisces–her ideal Self as a woman is ultimately loving of all, imaginative, inspiring and inspired, and ruler Neptune happens to fall in the gentleman’s 7th of mate, certainly obliquely cueing him to her as partner. Her Mars sits in Cancer, suggesting that her ideal mate will be nurturing and caring above all else. When we look at his indicators, we see his Mars, representing his ideal image of himself, in Leo–as a man he wants to shine, benevolent, generous, meeting life with the lion’s roar. Mars ruler Sun sits in Libra in the 4th, conjunct Saturn–and we get an indication that he might in some way suppress or alter his natural male instincts–and in this configuration, suppression of the Sun might equate to suppression of the Mars instincts (or at least to them being channeled elsewhere). Libra says that Venus is a strong influence, and his Venus is in Virgo, describing an ideal mate for him who is earthy, detail-oriented, with fine-tuned instincts for health and an interest in ‘the harvest’–which for him might focus on his artistic output in film. His Venus is also opposed her exact Ceres/ Juno conjunction, which is also conjunct his Ceres–and all this might suggest that he sees ‘woman’ and/ or partner(s) as strong goddesses, as holding a dignity, power, and majesty that his anima may identify with. Her Sun, furthermore, is trine his Venus–she really does epitomize the ideal woman in his mind.

So, if we didn’t know he was gay, how would we otherwise assess the interaction of these two charts? Using only the regular planets and four major asteroids, our conclusions would have to be that, though there is a tremendous amount of sympathy between them, and that he may strongly see her acting out his anima, there is little if anything to suggest sufficient sexual attraction. When we add in Eros, significator of passionate attachment (and we define it as this because Eros has a way of objectifying that with which it’s enamored), we find hers falling in Pisces at the midpoint of her Jupiter/ Venus, making her a major force for the female erotic personified, and trining his Moon, Uranus, and opposed his Mercury. This has too much of a maternal ring to it (Moon), though he can find her unusual and stimulating (Uranus) and may certainly enjoy communication that centers on the erotic. His Eros falls in Aries in his 12th and makes only two major aspects to her chart, a trine to the North Node and a wide opposition to Uranus. Her destined direction in life may stimulate, as might her individuality (especially in partnership terms, since it sits in Libra) his erotic longings in the most general terms–but neither placement suggests attraction of a sexual nature between them.

That hasn’t stopped their very successful collaboration, though. She calls him “like family,” while he speaks of being “obsessed with the musicality of dialogue,” with her as one of his instruments. The relationship between Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and actress Penelope Cruz is a supportive, loving, and longstanding one, and is ample proof that successful interaction between men and women doesn’t always rest in sexual tension, but that the sharing of a vision can be enough.

These indicators would make for a significant working relationship for any couple, whether their relationship has romantic elements or not. My methods for relationship analysis are available in THE ASTROLOGY OF INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP at Dog & Sunflower Press.