Fairness, and All That

Why is fairness such a prominent topic–or maybe I should say, Why is the concept of fairness at the heart of everything being negotiated (and by that I mean, discussed, meted out, measured, determined)? It seems we’re in the midst of a period where we’re assessing our needs, especially socially (Jupiter square Pluto) and re-negotiating the alignment between what we want and value, and what’s smart (Venus conj Pallas). Saturn in Libra urges us to establish the rules in partnership, in our creative/ artistic outlets, in our reality, and it urges us to make fairness a part of the material reality fabric. Authority and Mother Nature sit in the ‘blind spot’ (Ceres square Sedna), making our negotiations largely unconscious, but also offering to free us from our usual awareness of authority’s position and how they might respond to our changes; the aspect releases us from a worry that’s usually ever-present, and aligns us with our natural impulses–so what we choose, advocate for, and broadcast now is highly characteristic of who we are at our core (Jupiter in Aries) and the natural way we seek empowerment (Juno trine Venus/ Pallas). What others are showing you now is what they really want from you, and it’s the same for you: you’re showing them your wisdom, your morals, your beliefs (Jupiter, Pallas). Relationships (in the personal and societal sense) and finances will be the proving ground for these influences–changes made here reflect deep changes within–do your best to understand what’s motivating you, and be fearlessly honest while at the same time vowing to cause no harm–this is the magic formula for dealing successfully.

Sun, Mars, Ceres in Aquarius: It’s the Self V. the Group

Sheet Music Cover 1901 {{PD}}

Now that the Solar influence has joined the god of war and Mother Nature in Aquarius, we can get a good look at just where our attention and energy will naturally be focused over the coming month (our attention remains here as long as the Sun shines here). The Sun, Mars, and Ceres are slated to buddy-up closely in early February, which should result in the period when our Aquarian concentration on the role of the individual vis-a-vis the group, the intellectual challenges of being a rebel/ original thinker v. as an individual facilitating (and perhaps leading) the group, seeing the Self’s interest in light of what our friends deem important–and whatever form this comes in, it will have a Higher Mind (even academic) component, and will bring up questions of authority: who holds dominion over whom, what is our ‘natural’ role in things, and we must ask ourselves if we are the ‘maternal’ (nurturing or custodial) influence in the equation, or are we the offspring of a larger concern, seeking our independence?

At this time these questions, plus subjects related to the natal House where these three bodies gather, will need to be answered; the form they take may seem to be something quite aside from our conscious focus and concerns, or could sit at the very heart of our life’s dedication and direction, but in either case, and whether we can successfully draw identity answers from the circumstances in the allotted time or not, we will find these identity and power/ authority issues at the forefront of our world.

There’s also the matter of which side of the issue you’ll vibe to (and this can change, if we find ourselves facing multiple versions of this challenge): either we’ll be very much focused on the Self and our personal role and prerogatives (especially those that may be inhibited by or restricted under the command of others) or we will see ourselves as representative of broader interests, the kind that inherently hold power either naturally–by age, for instance–the 18 year old can’t drink in many jurisdictions, the 14 year old can’t drive, the 23 year old can’t run for President, and neither can the 50 year old join military service or the corps de ballet or the Olympic team (except in specific instances), and we may find ourselves agreeing with this, as one or another circumstance hands us the power by virtue of our chronological standing; or that hold power by relationship–for example, a mother to child, boss to employee, master to apprentice, examiner and exam-taker, and so on–and again, we may sit in the power position by virtue of an already-held position, the power of which is bestowed by Collective agreement: the group says this is what it takes in this situation to hold power. And, if we identify with the group, we may combine the Self urge and the group urge and seek to lead–and if that’s what you’re after, this is the time to do it!

So, we either identify with ourselves and our causes, or we identify with something established (though this is not The Establishment, but rather a less rigid or formal power position than those bestowed by society as a whole). No matter which vibe is dominant within us, we will find material for struggle, and we will feel the desire to establish our own authority in some form as a strong need upon which it seems, at least for now, our identity rests. Go into this coming month with these matters in mind: sort out your feelings about the groups to which you belong, measure your standing and your power in terms of where you are versus where you want to be, and consider whether the route you’re taking (anything from ridiculously independent to slavishly seeking group approval) is really what you want–sometimes we pursue some course more out of reflex than out of wanting the position we’re building–if you’ve ever found yourself left out of a group, or set upon by an entity that assumes you ‘owe’ them, then you have probably pursued a role you never actually meant to cultivate–and now’s the time to correct any flaws in your approach.

What You’re Asking: Asteroids and Social Skills

special powers psyche goddess has

I’m surprised Yoda wasn’t able to answer this (get it? the word order is oh *sigh* never mind just a sad attempt at a joke!) When Zeus found in Psyche’s favor (see the full account of Psyche, Eros, and Venus in ‘The Astrology of Intimate Relationship’ available here http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com or in the original article here https://askjulie.wordpress.com/venus-and-psyche/) he awarded the mortal freshly minted as goddess a portion of Venus’ realm. The story of what happened between Venus and Psyche suggests that Psyche’s placement and aspects may show our attitude toward committed love, in the form of one’s struggle to love and be loved without impediment, as well as showing particular relationships with/ to females that could involve jealousy and competition. It also represents on a personal level one’s potential to be born to a new, more powerful life, related in the story to her revival by Eros and the conveyance of the status of goddess by Zeus. I think Psyche in the natal chart must be read in conjunction with Venus–the relationship between the two, once you know the story of their interaction, will tell you a great deal about the chart individual’s attitudes toward love and relationship, and for females, is especially descriptive of patterns of interaction they may encounter with other females. The only special powers Psyche has are ones available to all of us: persistence, curiosity, intuitive openness and willingness to follow the prompts of the Universe, and the power that comes with loving another.

Ceres synastry

Ceres is goddess of Nature, an entity equivalent to Mother Earth, and having such a maternal vibe can wreak havoc in a romantic relationship (contact can, of course, be a huge plus between a parent and child, nurse/ physician/ health care provider and patient, or in friendships or any relationship where some caretaking, one person of the other, may be welcome or in order). It’s in romance where Ceres can act as the ultimate desire-killer, particularly when a woman’s Ceres contacts something identity-oriented of a man’s–Sun, Mars, Ascendant ruler, Sun ruler, Midheaven. Then we may see the male perceive the female as trying to mother him, and this can be no matter what her real actions are–the Ceres energy becomes an overlay to the perceptual lens–she can’t help but seem motherly to him, as he will look for and identify those attitudes and behaviors on his own! The other main effect of any Ceres contact is that it shows where and how the Ceres individual may be inclined to negotiate with the other person. For instance, a man’s Ceres conjunct a woman’s Sun, Moon, or Venus may involve him trying to influence her identity, particularly in a way that promotes what he sees as ‘natural.’ He may try to apply his ideas of standards of beauty as expressed through the sign placement of the conjunction, or those that relate to his own Moon or Venus placements. He may also try to negotiate for her to carry a portion of his anima. Or, for example, with a woman’s Ceres conjunct a man’s Pluto, we see the classic negotiation situation between two powerful Beings; in this case, it’s likely the relationship will feature a constant jockeying for power and position–but this isn’t necessarily bad–for some, it can be a stimulating and enjoyable contact, along the lines of playful sparring.

how to prevent clinginess

Dryer sheets, and healthy Self-esteem. Nothing is more attractive than not being needy and clinging in the presence of your SO. When tempted to make like a sweet pea vine, remind yourself that a good relationship doesn’t ask you to debase yourself, or require you to beg for attention, and certainly doesn’t involve a mistrust of your partner that makes you demand to know her or his every move. Love yourself enough not to accept clinginess as part of your relationship repertoire, and then do something with your energy, mind, and time–any guy worth a **** will show up on a regular basis and give you no reason to feel insecure.

astrologically better than me

There is no such thing, and that goes for each and every one of us.

How to improve the social skills of a Cancer?

Ouch! Though Cancers can be some of the most kind, nurturing, and genuinely caring individuals around, they do have a tiny social blind spot: they often don’t seem to recognize that not everyone feels nurtured by their behavior. Sometimes it’s a matter of not noticing how uncomfortable all the Aquarians get when Cancer goes in for the group hug, and sometimes it’s a matter of being oblivious to the way those invited for Thanksgiving aren’t actually planning on camping in their jammies and drinking hot chocolate all the way through New Year’s. Cancer’s failure to notice people have lives of their own is very much akin to the way a loving parent may find it very hard to believe their grown child would prefer a date to family dinner–because with Cancer it feels a little like you’re expected at that family dinner every night. The positive side of this is that Cancer’s concern and wish to make comfortable everyone they meet is genuine and truly kind–and a large number of faux pas can be overlooked when the attitude is so loving (and the blankets, pillows, and snacks Cancer passes out don’t hurt their chances of being forgiven, either!) So lighten up on your Cancer–he or she mostly just needs a little schooling in boundaries, and a reminder that the entire world is not their cozy family room during a sleepover.