‘What You’re Asking’: Pluto’s Soft Spot

Queries seem to have a Plutonian theme right now, even when they aren’t directly about Pluto. We tend to think of Pluto as massively destructive, ‘spiritually muscular,’ in a way, and we tend to see ourselves at his mercy; this is not only inaccurate, it can invite those destructive forces into our lives, as our exaggerated image of our own helplessness begs Pluto to assert himself and fill the gap. The key to dealing with the lord of the Underworld is to own a little piece of him as your own; to embrace your own darkness is to embrace the human condition, and in taking ownership of all the possibilities of your nature, you also take control of them.

Pluto vulnerability sexual

We may not think of Pluto as vulnerable, especially sexually, but think about this: when we are in our most intense relationships, when our attention is absorbed to the point of obsession, we are incredibly weak in a number of ways. We are prone, in this state, to neglect our surroundings, to ignore or short-change other interactions, to in fact neglect everything other than our beloved–and that means that things can happen around us, there can be changes, that endanger ourselves and our situation. Then there’s the way that a passionate singular attention makes us vulnerable to that thing we’re obsessing over–this takes all our energy, and so if the thing with which we have this passionate relationship changes, or, Pluto forbid! withdraws from the interaction, our entire world will be transformed, perhaps destroyed–and who does that sound like? Yes, it sounds like Pluto. Then apply these ideas to a situation that involves sex–and you can see how Pluto can be the most vulnerable energy of all. Passion, depth, and intensity in relating make us open to their loss–and it’s really our openness to discovery, to the overwhelming sensation of an all-encompassing relationship, that gives us the Plutonian experience, as well as the potential for its end. Many of us do not allow the Plutonian energy in our lives, then wonder why the marriage or job or relationship or vocation or support system collapses, sucked away from us without our consent; too often it’s because we disown this intensity, believing we can control overtly (and this belief is Plutonian, so in reality we recognize the need for Pluto, but are accepting it in truly destructive ways). When overt control of someone or something is the only Plutonian lens allowed, we will meet his transformative and destructive side–no two ways about it.

When someone’s Moon falls in your 8th

This contact will prompt the House person to see the emotional and intuitive spectrum of the other person as something that person should share. Depending on what kind of ‘wrapper’ this comes in (is the Moon individual a handsome man just your age, a little girl, your hairdresser, a stranger?) the House person will dress up the feeling to fit the bill. One can superimpose meaning on this placement, but one thing is sure: the House person will see that most intimate faculty of the Moon individual as a mutual asset–but what the Moon person sees is only available through their chart, so we really can’t know how they’ll respond. It’s a safe bet, though, that if we are the Moon person, and we are approached by someone who does not seem to recognize our emotional boundaries, who doesn’t bother to establish a good and trusting relationship before invading our personal psychic space, then the whole interaction with this cross-chart contact can go south very very quickly.

Pluto bad vibe for Capricorns

There’s no such thing as a blanket ‘bad vibe’ for a single sign; what some will interpret as bad is really a challenge to those with significant, early Cap natal placements: be honest about these energies, or suffer the consequences. As Pluto moves on through Capricorn, so will this challenge, allowing about a 2-3 degree orb of influence either side of exact. Remember, Pluto only destroys what is outmoded, of no use, already dead, or in need of deep change–everything else it can make powerful or lift to its ultimate expression. The thing about Pluto is it brings all our bullshit and those things we’re in denial about to the surface–if you don’t embrace any of that, it’s an uplifting contact, even when it seems to be otherwise.

astrology of butterfly

If I had to name a ‘butterfly aspect,’ I would say it’s Mercury in aspect to Pluto, or vice versa by transit, Secondary Progression, or Solar Arc. The symbolisms are so obvious I won’t go over them–let’s just say there’s beauty in this combination, once one breaks out of the cocoon of preconceptions and worn-out ideas.