What You’re Asking: All About Taurus, Love Rorschachs, and, Why So Promiscuous?

Singing might relax your Taurus
Singing might relax your Taurus

I’ve gotten a large number of searchs for various Taurus characteristics; here are some of them:

Why can’t a Taurus express his love?

I’ll be blunt: we’re talking about the sign most likely to suffer from emotional constipation, though there is hope that once moving the feelings will be sincere and loving, thanks to ruler Venus. (Others also prone to possible emotional inertia include Capricorn–the feelings have as much chance of escape as that guy bricked into the wall in The Cask of Amontillado–and Virgo, where incessant weighing and measuring of each exchange and response can be like having an accountant in charge of, well, anything other than accounts!) You can help Taurus and others like him by making the atmosphere as stable and non-threatening as possible, and showing yourself to be reliable and calm. The bull (and his psyche) moves when he feels things are steady, that there’ll be no shrieky surprises, and when he’s sure his love will be met by a similar response from you.

How to tell a Taurus man you’re pregnant?

Now, we just had a question like this about Aquarius . . . but I’ll assume this is a different person, as this isn’t the Jerry Springer Show. Setting the stage to tell a Taurus you’re pregnant is a lot like setting the stage for him to express his love–no screams of delight or otherwise, no ticker-tape, no big sudden moves that might frighten him into the forest. All he wants are the facts, presented in a calm and loving way. And maybe some pudding.

Why would a Taurus man introduce you to —

I would love to know what the rest of this search was.

How do I react to ‘I love you’?

How you answer this is definitely a Rorshach determining how you feel about love, your partner, yourself, relationships, and measuring both your level of social conditioning and capacity for Self-control. There are an endless number of combinations here, but I can say one thing with certainty: if you’re asking this question, you’re not in love yourself, and that may mean that the first step could be letting him or her know where you stand.

What to do if he’s in love and you’re not?

See above.

And finally, this, from the question submission pile:

How is someone with Venus in 4th house and in Virgo sooo goddamn promiscuous?

Hello, C–

I don’t know if the chart data you sent and your question refer to yourself or someone else, so I’ll speak in general terms. I don’t think Venus’ position in the 4th in Virgo even figures in, at least as a direct cause; I’d blame this on some combination of Neptune in the 7th at the Descendant (illusions/ delusions about potential partners), Chiron in the 12th (acting out of a wound one isn’t even aware of), or Sedna’s exact trine to said Venus (through no fault of one’s own, and perhaps instilled by the family of origin–4th House location–or friends or group standards–11th House Sedna) making it easy not to have a clue what love feels like, what a relationship should be, or what values may serve one’s own best interests. A faulty love compass can send one spinning through personal encounters, many of them sexual, without the individual knowing how to control what’s happening; it’s like someone else takes over when it’s time to relate to another human being.

The person with this chart does have a way out, in fact a couple. There is a complex involving the Moon in Aquarius opposed Mercury, Vesta in Gemini, and Juno in Aries, that can act as a refuge. The Aquarius Moon can separate from the impulses and feelings, and use the intellect to take command of what may seem a hodgepodge of conflicting information and inclinations; the opposition to Mercury means this individual may reveal the true feelings unconsciously through speech, writing, and other communications, and can learn to listen to themselves, to fnd out how they really feel, which with practice can bring clarity and guide decisions. Vesta in Gemini suggests that through this Mercurial communication mechanism one can learn what one truly honors as sacred, specifically in sexual behavior, and Juno in Aries says that, if one is a woman, her strength will be found in trusting herself to lead herself, to guide her own behavior. There is also a Pluto/ Saturn conjunction in the 5th, all with Libra, with Saturn ruling the 8th, Venus ruling the 12th and 5th, and Pluto ruling the 6th. This says that darker, destructive, sexual impulses, naturally trained on romantic relationships, can be contained and controlled via the mirror of the romantic partner’s values (8th) and one’s responses to them (12th) in the everyday environment; in other words, the individual can watch the way those with whom they are involved react, behave, and measure their world and their actions, and that Aquarian Moon can step in and take what it sees, assess it, sort it out, and keep what it likes to model itself on.

Good luck to you, and the chart individual, C–